The 7 Concepts Course

Where it all begins. This is a course like no other. Learn the ideas that the project is based on and what they mean for your life. Share your thoughts with the community and read what others have to share.

This course is meant to be an ongoing resource. Review the content and the latest conversations within our community.


The Tending Course

The 7 Concepts get personal in the next course, Tending. This is where the message becomes our method - inspiration becomes transformation.

The Tending Course covers:

  • Understanding the Needs of Your Body

  • Understanding the Needs of Your Being

  • Principles of Tending

  • The Weekly Conversation Format + How to Prepare

  • How to Earn Sharing the Courses with Others

  • How to Become a Conversation Host (Course Preview)


The Host Course

Weekly Conversation Hosts can earn $60+ per conversation. It's the simplest way to have a side hustle that changes the world.

The Host Course covers:

  • The Weekly Conversation Format

  • How to Join the Host Team

  • How to Make Your Schedule

  • How to Write Your Host Bio

  • How to Set up Your Host Page on the Project Platform

  • How to Make Your Own Website

  • How Earnings Work and How to Receive Payment

  • Community Guidelines and Standards

  • How to Become a Mentor (Course Preview)