It's the 21st century and we still have no common understanding of what

humans need to thrive.

Do we?

What is The WellBeing Project?

A grassroots community dedicated to promoting our shared desire to flourish, through common understanding, practical guidance, peer support, and economic opportunity.


Explains what flourishing is + how to do it


Connects you with allies to support your well-being


Pays you to share these opportunities with others

The Plan

Take the Courses

The 7 Concepts Course is an explanation of the principles of human flourishing. The Tending Course gives guidance on how to apply the concepts to your practical life. Both courses are required for participation in a small group conversation.

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Join a Conversation

Join a weekly small group conversation. Share your experiences, listen to others, and gain the support you need to expand your well-being.

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Become an Ally

Project allies are able to earn 50% of the registration fees for sharing the project with others.

Anyone who has taken the courses and found them valuable enough to share can become an ally.

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1:1 Mentoring

Sometimes it helps to talk one on one. Mentoring in the project is not therapy or life coaching. It is a unique way to gain clarity and confidence by talking with another individual who has significant life experience.

Mentoring can be scheduled in 15, 30, or 45-minute sessions.

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Become a Host

Imagine having a side-hustle that changes the world.

If you've been a participant on a weekly call for four weeks and would like to host your own, you can join the project's host network. The Host Course gives you everything you need to know to begin scheduling weekly conversations and earning income.

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Become a Mentor

Project mentors are a smaller group of experienced individuals who spend one on one time listening, encouraging, and lending courage to others.

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