The project’s backstory is really my backstory. Hi, I’m Rachel, its founder, and original protagonist.It’s simple really, after more than twenty years of searching for my purpose, I came to the conclusion that there was no reasonable way to spend my life except making the world a better place. The problem was, I’d already known that when I started my search.Along the way, I’d failed to find a college major or job title that matched my conviction. Of course, you can make a difference in almost any role or profession. But I didn’t want “making a difference” to be a by-product of my efforts, I wanted it as the sole agenda. As I scanned the menu of vocational paths, I crossed out option after option every time I read the fine print.
The vocational odyssey I took spanned the globe and then settled for a long chapter as a single mother making life happen with side hustles and spit. In summary, I hit lows, and lower lows between hopeful stretches, rerouting through two marriages, handing in my religious ID card, lots of soul searching, a few interstate moves, and two gorgeous kids that have kicked my ass every time I wanted to quit.At my core, I am a mystic. I am deeply motivated by the need to understand what the point of ALL THIS is. Not just “Why am I here?” but “Why are we all here? What do we have in common? What can we achieve together?”The main obstacle I found was economic. Most of life is consumed with making enough money to achieve security, then stability, then wealth, then… it’s basically time to punch out for good. Even individuals born with enough resources to never have to work for wages seem consumed by protecting their stockpiles. It’s rare to find others who are free to pursue personal healing, let alone social healing. But that is the big picture that crowds my dreams. I want to prove that change is possible without starving or burning out.I knew that my spiritual path had to intersect with a viable economic one. But as I’ve hinted, I’ve never been interested in my path alone. I’m obsessed with humanity and what we’re making of it. So I guess I’m a little obsessed with a way to make it economically possible for people to invest time and attention in the things that make us all better.
And that’s what The WellBeing Project is. It’s a grassroots community dedicated to promoting our shared desire to flourish, through common understanding, practical guidance, peer support, and economic opportunity.